Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Have you tried turning it on and off again?

Originally this was going to be all about my top ten favourite tech guys. Hence why the title of this entry is the immortal words of IT technicians everywhere instead of the wisdom of Joss Whedon. But, at half past midnight, having been up since seven o'clock in the morning and still not quite being able to adjust to have a computer once again and staring at the screen, my brain went to mush at about number six on the top ten list.

So, instead, for your reading pleasure, I thought I'd talk about my thoughts on something I've been mentioning in pretty much every blog post (which the quite probable exception of my top ten lists) since I kick-started Sufficiently Cyberpunk back in January.

However, a little context first.

It's a well-known fact that at the end of February, my laptop up and died after three years of service. In those three years, I'd replaced the hard drive, the RAM, the battery and the charger cable. When the capacitors in the screen blew, I decided it was finally time to give up on that laptop and invest in a new computer. And so, after a little while of option-weighing, I have a shiny new computer. Context for entry title established.

Context for second paragraph babbling - Friday, 27th April 2012.

Now in the unlikely event that I have any American followers here, I'm sorry but...dude, I have to brag. You have two more days before you can watch it. I've seen it already.

Ladies and gentlemen, Avengers (or Avengers Assemble here in the UK) is frakking epic.

Joss is Boss. This is a phrase that arose, as I understand it, from the cast and crew of Firefly and has been adopted by fans as a statement of faith and trust in the man himself. And on Friday, he delivered. He delivered in style.

Avengers was always going to be a tricky film - bringing together not one, but *four* main characters from four different movies and giving them all equal screen time and story arcs to sustain an entire film, meanwhile elevating two supporting characters from two of the prior movies to equal starring role status? Not a job I would want. I'll admit, I have a habit of having multiple characters in my stories, but I usually end up with one main dude going around and doing all that funny protagonist stuff. But nonetheless, Joss Whedon rose to the challenge and kicked ass. And as I had hoped, he imbued this film was his trademark blend of drama, kick-ass action and infinitely quotable one liners. In a few months, when the risk of spoilers has significantly diminished and Avengers is on DVD, expect to see new words from the wisdom of Whedon gracing the titles of my blog entries.

Now since I have this thing against spoilers, I can't really say too much. In fact, I feel I can only legitimately continue to reiterate how awesome the movie is. Don't believe me? Go out and see it. Seriously. What the frak are you doing? Are you seriously still reading this when you haven't seen Avengers? Godsdamnit, get out of that chair! NOW! Go forth and seek the wisdom and enlightenment of Whedon.

As for me, I'm going to bed. My brain stopped working and I've been writing this blog post. Perhaps I will wake in the morning, read the result and have a prose hangover. Usually have them with poetry.

So on that note, if you haven't seen Avengers, get your ass out there and watch it. I guarantee laughs, kick-ass action, witty dialogue and eye candy for all. Mostly the ladies. Seriously girls, you're lucky. So much eye candy for you.

Until next time, this has been me writing at one o'clock in the morning. Fun, isn't it?

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